Twisted Explores Tyria

Ainianu a posted Sep 7, 12
We have been very busy in GW2 since launch! exploring all aspects of Tyria. Recently Twisted made some focused efforts into the dungeons with great success and a lot of fun. The explorable dungeons seem to be challenging and rewarding, (especially when one of your group gets disconnected early and you proceed with four :p)
More dungeon action will follow, and some World vs World action!.

anna12 this graphics lock amazing
Soup cant wait for more! really epic fun! and what i like the best that those dungeons dont have to be repeatable... you can ...
Narena Thanks for the awesome runs


Corpsicle a posted Aug 25, 12
Impaler I had a few hours this morning then it followed up with a password error n cant get back in
Zokran Got the same minute I'm in game, and then got kicked out...and cant log in now...
Tropika damn cant login into the game( looks like "arena net" have a trouble with login server(

Final logo!

Corpsicle a posted Aug 22, 12
Corpsicle a Newer version, should be round now. Did not realize last one was not quite round.
Narena im sure freud would have problems with me i saw ships wheel.
Wozzmatic Am I the only person who see's a massive nipple here!?!?! I'm sure freud would have something to say about tha...

Another Stress Test

Ainianu a posted Aug 14, 12
Another stress test tomorrow from 12:00 to 16:00 PST

anna12 haha love it
Wozzmatic Woohoo yeah baby!!!
Updated: We have decided on [EU] Gunnar's Hold server for our launch

See you all there :)
Soup weeee cant wait to make my first steps on gunnars hold! needless to say my brother in law is gunnar... so i am gonna tr...
Noheals a for now it'll be Gunnar's Hold
Soup so we are going with PC gamers alliance yes? today or tomorrow they will decide on the server
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